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Editor's Notes: Dashing Defense, Villa and Lampard to NYCFC, DT World Cup Bracket and more

Lots happening with Brad Davis ahead of the World Cup and new players heading to MLS next season. Dynamo Theory has a World Cup bracket challenge and more!

To MLS Frank comes
To MLS Frank comes
Julian Finney

Davis showing why he belongs in Brazil

If after the World Cup roster was released you questioned Jurgen Klinnsman's inclusion of Brad Davis I would have disagreed with you, but would have understood the question. If two games later you still say he doesn't belong on the roster then you need to get your eyes checked. Brad Davis has been showing the naysayers why Jurgen Klinnsman put him on this World Cup roster since he stepped onto the field against Azerbaijan.

I have seen people say that Davis is playing above his skill set but maybe they should stop and realize that this is his skill set. Klinnsman has played him exactly how he should be played by allowing Davis to excel in his strengths. Klinnsman knows how to play Brad Davis just like Dom Kinnear has figured out how to play him. They both put Davis into positions to use his left foot of glory and that doesn't make him less of a player.

Davis had an assist on the Aron Johannsson goal in the Azerbaijan game and has been a part of every goal scoring play in all four of the US's goals in this send off series. At this point if you don't want him on the field at all in Brazil you're crazy.

Dash finding its defense

I wasn't sure that I liked Osinachi Ohale at center back for the Dash defense at the start of the season. Now? I freaking love her. Over the last couple of game she has really started to find her way on the field with this team. I don't see her making as many mental errors as she did at the start of the season. She seems more comfortable tackling and with the ball at her feet. She had a beautiful header against the Washington Spirit that left me wanting to see her with more opportunities to get the ball on set pieces.

But with Whitney Engen and Meghan Klingenberg finally arriving from Tyreso this week we will have to see if the team chemistry makes a shift. The first part of this season has been about players figuring out chemistry and how to play together. Fans and media have kept saying just wait until the two national team players arrive but they now arrive just as the team is starting to figure things out. Will it be a boost for the team? We can only hope so, but truthfully no one really does until it's go time on the field.

David Villa and Frank Lampard headed to NYCFC

David Villa is set to leave Atletico Madrid after just one year and is headed to an un-named club rumored to be NYCFC. He has called the move an 'irresistible project' which surely has to mean that he is headed to play for Manchester City owned New York City FC. Lampard reportedly signed a two year deal with NYCFC after a long career at Chelsea. Once both players are signed MLS will be getting what it wants from crawling into bed with questionable owners- top talent taken from the English and Spanish leagues. Sure Lampard is 35 and Villa is 32 but both are still Brazil bound with their respective national teams.

*insert whine about Dynamo and not throwing money at players*

UPDATE: Villa was officially announced Monday morning as the first player to sign for NYCFC

World Cup Bracket Challenge

You've played March Madness but now it's time to see if you can pull off a winning bracket in the World Cup and we have just the place for you do it in the Dynamo Theory Bracket Challenge. It's really simple click here make an account if you don't have one and pick your bracket. Hardest part of picking a bracket is choosing to go with your head or with your heart. Chances the USMNT will the whole enchilada? Slim to none but will you want to put them as hoisting the golden trophy in your bracket? Trust me your heart, at least if you are a US fan, will say do it. So what wins the head or the heart?

Just going to leave this here

Chris made this post after the Riverhounds tie Sunday but really it applies to the Houston teams as well at this point in the seasons.