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FIFA World Cup 2014: Australia vs Spain, Netherlands vs Chile, Cameroon vs Brazil, Croatia vs Mexico Live Game Thread

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Four games and only two kickoff times will make for a crazy day of World Cup action.

Top of Group A neither Mexico or Brazil have secured the knockout round
Top of Group A neither Mexico or Brazil have secured the knockout round
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Australia vs Spain

Kickoff 11amCT

Who would have thought that this would turn out to be a match-up of the bottom of Group B? The defending champions nor the Socceroos have managed a win and neither team will be advancing to the knock-out round of the World Cup. Tim Cahill has shined for Australia while Iker Casillas has been a mess in goal for Spain. With nothing on the line it will be interesting who still plays for their pride.

Netherlands vs Chile

Kickoff 11amCT

The top teams of Group B will be fighting to see who get out of the group in the number one seed. The Netherlands are currently in the top stop thanks to their goal differential having scored eight goals already this World Cup while only giving up three. Chile have managed five goals while giving up only one in return.

Cameroon vs Brazil

Kickoff 3pmCT

Brazil comes into this game on top of Group A. After winning over Croatia and tieing against Mexico the host nation hasn't secured itself a place in the knockout round. Cameroon have yet to garner any points and have no hopes of getting out of the group, but they do have hopes of spoiling Brazil's party.

Croatia vs Mexico

Kickoff 3pmCT

Mexico is currently second in Group A while Croatia sits in third and just out of a place in the knockout rounds. This game is a must win for Croatia. If they only manage a tie they would need a loss by Brazil and have to hope that they would beat them on goal differential. Mexico also needs the win would put them in danger of not advancing. A tie would put Mexico through to the next round.