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FIFA World Cup 2014: Costa Rica vs England, Italy vs Uruguay, Greece vs Ivory Coast, Japan vs Colombia Live Game Thread

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Groups C and D have their last games of the group stage.

Costa Rica is advancing, England is out MADNESS WE TELL YOU MADNESS
Costa Rica is advancing, England is out MADNESS WE TELL YOU MADNESS
Clive Rose

Costa Rica vs England

Kickoff 11amCT

Costa Rica is on top of Group D with six points while England has no points and no hopes of advancing to the next round. Raise your hand if you had those two things happening at this point in the tournament. While England's exit might not be totally shocking Costa Rica's domination of the group is. Left with nothing to play for it is entirely possible that the team gives up on this game and lets Costa Rica take another three points.

Italy vs Uruguay

Kickoff 11amCT

While many expected these two to be the top two teams in the group they are currently numbers two and three in the group. Italy needs a win or a tie, they would win on goal differential, against Uruguay to advance. Uruguay must win the game to advance.

Greece vs Ivory Coast

Kickoff 3pmCT

Greece starts the final round of group play at the bottom of Group C with just a single point and a -3 goal differential. Ivory Coast has three points and a 0 goal differential. Greece captain Kostas Katsouranis was given a red card in their last game against Japan which will see him sitting out this crucial game. Greece can advance with a win and a Japan loss or tie.

Japan vs Colombia

Kickoff 3pmCT

Colombia is guaranteed to move on to the next round of the World Cup. Japan is clinging to life near the bottom of the group with a single point. The team tied against a Greece team that only had 10 men after their captain was issued a red card. While Colombia don't need the win to advance they need it to get the top seed in the group. Japan needs a win and needs Greece to tie or beat Ivory Coast in order to advance. If Ivory Coast and Japan end up level on points the team with the better goal differential would go through to the next round.