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FIFA World Cup 2014: US vs Germany, Portugal vs Ghana, Algeria vs Russia, South Korea vs Belgium Live Game Thread

It all gets sorted out today in Groups G and H.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Group G

US vs Germany

Portugal vs Ghana

Kickoff 11amCT

The final round of games in a group where everyone is still alive and no one has been eliminated yet. If the US and Germany tie then they will both go through to the next round. If the US wins then they will go through. Germany has a +4 goal differential over the group and has a good chance to go through even if they lose. If Ghana and Portugal tie then both the US and Germany go through.

If the US lose, either winner would tie on points and Ghana is only 2 goals behind the US, who has a 5 goal advantage on Portugal. If the US loses by 1 goal, and Ghana wins by 1 goal (only 1), then goal differential is tied and total goals scored will be the next tie-breaker.  The US has 4 goals so far, Ghana 3. At that point Ghana needs to score 2 more goals than the US to advance. If the US and Ghana are still tied after that, then the US will advance because they beat Ghana in their group match.

Group H

Algeria vs Russia

South Korea vs Belgium

Kickoff 3pm CT

Belgium is the only team to have secured a spot in the knockout round in Group H and none of the teams have been eliminated. If Algeria beat Russia then they are through. If Russia win they would need South Korea to win or draw against Belgium to go through. If South Korea wins they would have to make up a goal differential as well as get a Russia win or draw to have a chance at advancing. If Belgium win they would finish first in the group and South Korea would be eliminated.