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FIFA World Cup 2014: France vs Nigeria, Germany vs Algeria Live Game Thread

Round of 16 carries on as two European powers face off against African teams.

Julian Finney

France vs Nigeria

Kickoff 11amCT

Winners of Group E France take on the runners-up of Group F Nigeria. France will have their line up back at full strength. Karim Benzema has three goals and two assists already this season. The mid-field has been preforming great giving the striker the service he needs. Nigeria's ability on the counterattack is sure to give France fits. France are venerable at the fullback position and Nigeria have the speed to exploit it.

Germany vs Algeria

Kickoff 3pm CT

Germany won a date with Algeria for winning the Group of Death. Thomas Muller has been scoring up a storm for Germany and will look to continue to do so this game. Germany will look to maintain possession of the ball and Algeria will have to make any opportunity they have with the ball count.  Algeria was almost able to beat Belgium and will come out with a similar game plan against Germany-conservative and defensive.