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Dash waive Holly Hein and a new face at practice

The Houston Dash announced today they have waived defender Holly Hein, and while it wasn't announced publicly, word soon hit Twitter about a certain Australian International at practice.

Holly Hein, Dynamo Theory wishes you the best in the future!
Holly Hein, Dynamo Theory wishes you the best in the future!
Trask Smith, Blue City Photography

Holly Hein, former Michigan captain, appeared in eight matches for the Houston Dash while amassing 657 total minutes of action. She joined the team in preseason as a trialist and worked her way to signing with the club in April as a discovery player. I sincerely doubt this is the last we will see of Holly, and we wish her the best going forward.

In other news, the Houston Dash had a new face at practice, albeit familiar to many Women's Soccer fans. Michelle Heyman, an Australian International Forward is said to be training with the club, though word has it she will not be signed to a contract unless something opens up. Currently, the Dash are at the maximum allowed international slots, and would have to release or trade away one of their three current internationals, Nina Burger, Osi Ohale and Rafaelle Souza, or trade away an existing player for an international slot while also signing Michelle Heyman to a contract.

While it isn't impossible to think it could happen I wouldn't expect it to based on what I've heard. Club is happy with the team and how they are beginning to gel. Things are starting to take shape and messing with that would mean more adjustment time.