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Who steers the ship when the Captain is out?

With Brad Davis riding into the sunset and Boniek Garcia approaching his twilight years in the game, who steps up to lead the team?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and Gentlemen, let's face it the inevitable is coming: Brad Davis and Boniek Garcia will be leaving us again soon with one of them potentially away from the team for good. Brad Davis will be 33 years old this year and the most the Houston Dynamo can expect to get is two more seasons out of him and that's barring no major injury. Boniek Garcia put on a great showing at the World Cup and has been amazing for the team so one of two things will happen with him. Either he won't re-sign with us and choose to pursue other opportunities. Which in that case you can't blame the man; we give him a standing ovation and thank him for being amazing to the club. Or two he plays a couple of more seasons with us and he chooses to go back to Honduras for one last hoorah.

So when those two players leave or aren't available who steps up to lead the team? We got a glimpse of that these past few games, and honestly, it wasn't pretty. Normally we have Ricardo Clark to fill that role but unfortunately I'm not sure how much longer we can count on him given the concussion situation. After that it's usually Corey Ashe which isn't a bad choice, but he isn't vocal enough in my book to lead the team and rally them up, especially for 90 minutes. This season we saw someone new take the band for the first time, Will Bruin. Honestly I don't believe he should be leading the team until he is confident in himself.

In my opinion, if we stick with the current roster there are only two viable options: Tally Hall or Giles Barnes. If you go back and watch our slump those were the two most vocal players on the field. They were holding people accountable and getting in faces telling the team to get themselves together. With that said, looking at our current roster, who do you think is the person to step up to wear the band and lead the team when Davis and Boniek aren't available? Do we start looking in our Young DP Alex Lopez? Or do we have to play the wait and see game hoping someone comes in and is willing to step up. Let me know your thoughts below.