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DT Questions and Answers: World Cup 2022 in United States, MLS 2015 Expansion Draft, and more

Every week we try to include our readers by letting them ask us questions which we answer in our Dynamo Theory Q&A post. This week brings us questions ranging from which cities would host matches if the United States is awarded the 2022 World Cup, and should the Houston Dynamo retain Dominic Kinnear?

Is it time for the Houston Dynamo to part ways with head coach Dominic Kinnear?
Is it time for the Houston Dynamo to part ways with head coach Dominic Kinnear?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This is a great question, but a tough one to answer. We have to remember by the time the expansion draft rolls around, the team will already have implemented vast portions of their rebuild. My understanding is by then, we will know who the team has targeted and who they do not intend to keep.

Right now, however, I would have to say I'd protect the following 6 players: Brad Davis, Boniek Garcia, Giles Barnes, Alexander Lopez, Kofi Sarkodie, Mark Sherrod

On my bubble would be: David Horst, Eric Brunner, Corey Ashe, Tyler Deric

The rest would 100% be unprotected.

I have to believe this question has something to do with Luis Suarez, but when I read it initially I thought of guys like Johnny Manziel (NFL), Lance Stephenson (NBA) and even Ron Artest (NBA). On the one hand, you have Johnny Manziel who off the field is constantly in situations less exemplary of good behavior, but on the other hand you have Ron Artest who on the court consistently found himself in situations of less than exemplary behavior.

A player like Luis Suarez off the field is usually out of the spotlight, hardly really making major waves with activities unbecoming of a professional athlete, but on the field he has created a furor over his actions by on three separate occasions biting his opponent. So what is more acceptable, on or off the field?

Neither should be, however, the public and fans are more forgiving of a player who on the field of play is superb while off the field transgresses regularly than a player whose transgressions are primarily on the field. There have been whole studies into the mob mentality and psyche which reflect the reasoning why this is the case, but I haven't the time or space to delve into them here.

I think you have to consider first the World Cup 2022 is 8 years out still, meaning any current stadiums capable of hosting World Cup matches would have suffered 8 additional years of weathering and deterioration.

Those cities that hosted Gold Cup matches this past year would have to be considered so long as their stadiums were still relatively new or quite large. In considering the question, I would award the following seven cities World Cup Group Stage matches, and the seventh city would receive the World Cup Final match: Houston, Dallas, Columbus, New York, Seattle and Atlanta

I believe there would be a very strong push from Atlanta to be the final match host as their stadium would be one of the newest while also being one of the more intriguing designs. New York would be second in my front runners, simply because of being New York and the hope by then of having a new NFL stadium. Seattle would be third, with Dallas and Houston both tied for fourth and Columbus being the bubble host city.

Look, as much as everyone thinks this particular season's crappy results are the full responsibility of either Dominic Kinnear or the Front Office, it's a conglomeration of everybody, really. Still, there aren't many coaches available or who would be available willing to take on a franchise like the Houston Dynamo, and far fewer with the pedigree of Dom.

Name another coach in MLS besides Frank Yallop or Bruce Arena with multiple championships and seven out of eight years in the playoffs. You can't because there aren't any. Look at FC Dallas, look at Seattle. Up until recently, these two teams were rarely in the postseason discussion. So is anyone other than Dom really fit to handle running this team?

No, not really. Even if I'd like to believe otherwise. Dom is a damn good coach and he garners the respect of his players. This current season isn't specifically his fault, and he has warranted another season or two especially considering the extreme amount of flexibility with the cap space the team will have this offseason. If following this offseason he shows he is incapable of adapting or changing to the new version of Major League Soccer then I would be all for bringing in a new coach. Until then…no. Dom is the guy.