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Update: Chris Canetti interview on Glenn Davis show gives more information on second international player signing

When the Houston Dynamo were able to officially announce DaMarcus Beasley had signed with the team on a Designated Player contract, they also made it clear the moves were only beginning. Team President, Chris Canetti, continued to elaborate in an interview on Glenn Davis' Dynamo All-Access on Yahoo Sports Radio 1560AM.

While it probably isn't Keisuke Honda, it certainly is fun to dream.
While it probably isn't Keisuke Honda, it certainly is fun to dream.
Michael Steele

Glenn Davis asked Chris Canetti to comment on the rumor the Dynamo might be adding another player that has World Cup Experience.

Chris Canetti's reply was golden, "Yeah, that rumor is true. It is real. We are indeed in late stages of discussions with another player. That ties into the Warren Creavalle trade. We didn't just trade Warren to move up and get the allocation slot for Beasley. We cleared him because we needed salary cap room for a secondary move. The player we are talking about would be a midfielder in the center of the park where we would've seen Warren playing minutes for us going forward."

He continued, "we're trying to finish it off, Glenn. He's a player that is on his country's national team. His country was in the World Cup, and he started all three games for that country in the World Cup."

He also mentioned they would be working all through the night to try and get the deal done as quickly as possible.

So what we know now is this rumored player STARTED all 3 matches in the World Cup at center midfielder for his country, which could mean central defensive midfielder or central attacking midfielder. This means the team is one of the 16 to be knocked out in the group stages, which helps us narrow down a little bit the possibilities quite a bit.

I will let you internet sleuths do the roster digging and comment on who fits the bill from the 16 teams knocked out in the group stages, and then maybe on who you think might actually fit the team.

If you want to listen to the whole radio show, head over to Glenn Davis' Yahoo Sports 1560AM podcast page. The interview begins around the beginning of the second hour, and the juicy bits above hit at around the 5:30 minute mark.