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DaMarcus Beasley has first Dynamo press conference

In a short but sweet press conference DaMarcus Beasley was introduced to fans.

Kevin C. Cox

In case you somehow missed it, the Houston Dynamo signed DaMarcus Beasley as their third Designated Player on Wednesday. Thursday, Beasley arrived in Houston and was introduced in a short press conference that was attended by media and season ticket holders.

Apparently, Beasley didn't get the memo that he would be speaking. "Nobody told me I was speaking. Houston is a great city, I'm just really excited to be here." said the man who will be wearing number 21 for the Dynamo.

"Playing in Mexico the last few years made me feel about being closer to home." said Beasley. He also went on to say that he sees himself as a left-back but is willing to play wherever the Dynamo need him to play.

Beasley will be take part in training Friday but he and Kinnear have not yet discussed if he will play in Saturday's Dynamo Charities Cup.