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Who is Luis Garrido and why do the Houston Dynamo want him?

Get the latest on Houston's newest confirmed acquisition pending approval of his visa, Luis Garrido, in Dynamo Theory's scouting report.

Luis Garrido playing for the Honduran National Team against Japa
Luis Garrido playing for the Honduran National Team against Japa
Francis Bompard

Luis Garrido Scouting Report

When Chris Canetti told Houston Dynamo fans he would be bringing in a second World Cup player to the midfield, fans feverishly began to comb the suspects. According to the report, the new Houston Dynamo played all three World Cup games for his nation. This narrowed down the suspects greatly, as it had to have been a team eliminated in the group phase. The pool of likely suspects got even shallower considering the midfielder had to have started all three games.

23 year old Luis Garrido started two of three matches for Honduras, who was eliminated during their group phase. Though young, he has already received at least 15 caps for the Honduran National Team. He stands at a stocky 5’6 and 165 pounds, making him only slightly taller than Corey Ashe. Garrido specializes in defensive mid, where he assumedly would be bolstering Ricardo Clark, still on the rebound from a concussion. Before coming to the Dynamo, Garrido played for Club Deportivo Olimpia, winning 5 titles in the last six seasons.

For Honduras, Garrido plays primarily in a flat 4-4-2 formation slotting in next to another center midfielder. He is sound defensively, and he is quite athletic. Initially, it is suspected he will pair with Ricardo Clark in the center of the pitch offering a secondary pivot point for the offense on the left side of the pitch, replacing Warren Creavalle who was traded to Toronto FC earlier in the week.

In joining the Houston Dynamo, Garrido would be teaming up with fellow Honduran National Team players Boniek Garcia and Alex Lopez.

Editor's Note: Yes, Canetti may have misspoken when he said on Glenn Davis' Dynamo All Access show that the second player signing had started all 3 matches for his national team.