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Was Dominic Kinnear right to not substitute on DaMarcus Beasley in his first match for the Houston Dynamo?

In the Dynamo Charities Cup match against Aston Villa FC, Houston Dynamo Head Coach Dominic Kinnear didn't play DaMarcus Beasley for even a couple of minutes even though he was available on the bench for the team. Was the concern of injury so great it outweighed the potential morale boost for fans and club?

Was holding DaMarcus Beasley out of the Dynamo Charities Cup match a good idea?
Was holding DaMarcus Beasley out of the Dynamo Charities Cup match a good idea?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For the match against Aston Villa FC in the Dynamo Charities Cup, the team had DaMarcus Beasley suit up, but he wasn't subbed in and never even warmed up when the other subs were warming up. If Head Coach Dominic Kinnear had no intentions of substituting Beasley into the match, why even bother having him on the bench at all?

Some people have said you don't play your premier signing unless you're 100% sure he is ready, and that is all fine and well. My problem is you also don't bother putting him on your bench either. Dom could've easily subbed in Beasley for a quick two minute shift at the end of the match, received a huge ovation from an adoring crowd, and nobody would've minded how he fared in the match.

Sure, there's some out there who think if he'd played at all he would've been subjected to questions about his performance, but anybody who is going to judge a player on two minutes with his team really isn't someone the team should concern themselves with anyways. It would've been the right moment at the right time for a club that needs a few rights to overcome the wrongs from this season.

Yet, here we sit the next day and the major talking point isn't the match, but DaMarcus Beasley's exclusion from any playing time. You can't tell me he isn't match fit for 2-3 minutes of stoppage time. I've come to the personal conclusion this came down to Dom wanting to show he is in control of the decisions regarding players on the pitch and the team in general.

Even those who suspected it would happen weren't exactly in favor of it. I've seem comments from those who cover the Dynamo and whose opinions I respect stating no other coach in Major League Soccer would've held DaMarcus Beasley out of the match completely. And I fully agree.

Then again, this is Dom we're talking about. He of the four MLS Cups. He of the multiple Western and Eastern Conference Champions. He of the 7 playoff appearances in 8 years. He of the magical last moment playoff pushes that result in fairly deep playoff runs. He is Dom, and Dom is unlike any other coach in Major League Soccer.

I'm curious to know how our readers feel. Was Dom right for holding out DMB, or should he have played him just a few minutes? Was the fear of potential injury greater than the morale boost for fans and the club of putting DMB in?

Post your thoughts in the comments.

UPDATE: Per Chris Canetti tweet included below, choice was made by DMB, not Dom.

I still have to wonder why you have him on the bench as an available substitute if they knew he didn't feel ready to play. It only opened the door for questions. But hey, maybe I'm just one of those who looks for things to question anyways.