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Eddie Johnson fires back at Brian Ching over comments made on Eddie Robinson Show

Last week's Eddie Robinson Show featured a guest host in Brian Ching who somehow ended up discussing current player Eddie Johnson. The comments made it to Eddie, and he responded.

Eddie Johnson earns a red card. What else is new?
Eddie Johnson earns a red card. What else is new?
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

So Eddie Johnson feels like Brian Ching slighted him. Why am I not surprised? Go back and read Ching's quote, and tell me if you feel he's being unfair to EJ. I certainly don't think so.

The fact is every season Eddie Johnson has put up solid numbers he had a contract to play for or some chip on his shoulder. He is a player who needs that extra motivation. It isn't a bad thing. A lot of players don't specifically need the money side or the contract side, but they need something to play for. It isn't just in soccer, either.

NFL players, MLB players, NBA players all tend to up their game whenever they are in what is considered a contract year. They're playing for their big shot, and they find that extra little bit of effort, that little bit extra juice at the end of a game. Once they have that contract, they're just playing to play, and a lot of the time if they struggle early in a match that extra effort at the end isn't there.

If you look at Eddie Johnson's career arc, he loves to play for something, anything. When he plays best, he has a focus, a drive, a goal he's trying to achieve. It isn't always money, but most of the time if he can get a better contract out of it, he will bust his rump to do so.

So why is he so upset? And why is he playing Ching like that? Sure he's sitting at home with his feet up on the couch, because guess what? HE EARNED THAT RIGHT. He busted his rump during good years and bad years. He worked his way up, the hard way. You've been served so much on a silver platter. There's your difference, and there's why you better be careful.

You're coming into Houston. Into BBVA Compass Stadium. The House That Ching Built. And that means something around these parts. If you don't think the boys will play that little bit harder, defenders will bust your rump a little bit more, you're wrong. The target, the spotlight, is squarely on you EJ. Put up or shut up. Ching earned his right to talk. You haven't. SO COME EARN IT.