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What is Eddie Johnson's motivation? Twitter offers suggestions

Eddie Johnson is an enigma within Major League Soccer, and his latest little Twitter cry-fest in response to Brian Ching's comments about him being the type of player that needs incentive to perform got us to thinking. So what exactly motivates Eddie Johnson?

What motivates Eddie Johnson?
What motivates Eddie Johnson?
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

By now you're aware of the ongoing Eddie Johnson/Brian Ching "saga". It began when Brian Ching filled in for Eddie Robinson on the Eddie Robinson Show last week and conversation turned to Eddie Johnson of DC United. Ching let his feelings known by saying Eddie Johnson is the type of player who needs some form of incentive or motivation to perform his best.

Plenty has been made about the comments, and Eddie Johnson's eventual reply. Heading into Sunday's match against DC United we thought it would be good to offer our Twitter followers a good chance to offer their suggestions for what motivates Eddie Johnson, and they did not disappoint.

Those were all well and good, and then our Twitter followers started taking it to a whole other level.

And then it got real "real", ya'll.