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FIFA World Cup 2014: France vs Germany, Brazil vs Colombia Live Game Thread

The first day of the quarterfinals kicks off!

Les Blues are ready
Les Blues are ready
Celso Junior

France vs Germany

Kickoff 11am CT

France had a tough time getting past Nigeria to make it to the quarterfinals while Germany had to beat Algeria in extra time to make it to this game. France looked great their first two matches of the tournament. The last two games have seen them fight to break down their opposition. Germany's tournament has been similar as they have looked weaker and weaker as the World Cup has gone on. All four of the German defenders typically play at center-back and if you watch the backline closely you can tell. Both teams are threatening in the midfield and it will be interesting to see which team gets the upper hand. It should make for a top battle between two top European teams.

Brazil vs Colombia

Kickoff 3pm CT

Brazil just barely managed to get past Chile take the game all the way to penalty kicks. Things were easier for Colombia who easily dominated Uruguay. Brazil are beatable and Colombia may just be the team to finally do it. James Rodriguez has been a scoring machine for Colombia and is in the lead for the Golden Boot with five goals. Colombia has been playing like a team while Brazil looks more like a bunch of random guys on the field. Shut down Neymar and you will shut down Brazil. Neymar suffered a thigh injury while playing against Chile and may be something to watch on game day. Fred has never shown up at this tournament and Oscar has faded away after the first game. This may prove to be the match that Brazil is unable to pull out of a hat.