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Editors' Notes: Kit sponsors and MLS transfer rumors, plus more

This week's Editors' Notes brings us quick hits on Major League Soccer and Premiere League shirt sponsors, transfer rumors around US Men's National Team players, and a quick thought or two on the Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash struggles to win.

This is what the new jersey sponsor looks like when Brad Davis scores a goal. Um...hell yes.
This is what the new jersey sponsor looks like when Brad Davis scores a goal. Um...hell yes.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

My apologies for this post being a bit delayed, but network and server issues the Monday immediately following a long holiday weekend never allows for extended downtime to write such things. But really, you just want the quick Editors' takes, right?

Houston Dynamo land shirt sponsor

By now, you all know BHP Billiton is the official Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash shirt sponsor. On the Eddie Robinson Show episode from this past week, the question was brought up with Chris Canetti as to the means by which the additional funds from the deal would be allocated. While deflecting the question more or less, Canetti did insinuate the majority of the funds (read: all of them) would be going toward operational expenses.

This shouldn't really come as a surprise to anybody who frequents Dynamo Theory or our Twitter feed, as this exact scenario was outlined repeatedly well before BHP signed the dotted line by Seth Trout. If you don't follow him on Twitter, or you don't keep up with his comments here you're simply missing out on one of the best sources of salary info in the business and he doesn't owe allegiance to anyone as far as I know.

BPL shirt sponsors

Speaking of shirt sponsors, have you seen the new Manchester United kits? I think I can swallow the BHP Billiton logo and name on the Houston Dynamo and Dash shirts having seen the Man U ones. Unfortunately, the shirts scream American sponsor, and the horrid look only hurts Chevrolet as a company abroad.

Also released today were the new Liverpool shirts. They at least look better than the Manchester United ones, but then again the bar was set so low they could've gone with all white polos and still came out ahead.

The silly season has arrived

Transfer rumors this time of the year are pretty much the norm by now, but when you add in World Cup performances suddenly the rumor frequency and absurdity seem to increase hyperbolically. Prior to the World Cup, who would've pegged DeAndre Yedlin as a fast track player to AS Roma of Serie A?

I've liked the guy for a while, and have said he has the tools to be a great winger or midfielder, but he struggles on the defensive side of plays. Even still, he proved me wrong by repeatedly making play after play in the match against Belgium in the Round of 16. The US Men's National Team may have lost, but DeAndre came out a definite winner by inking a transfer to a big club and ultimately capitalizing on his success.

While those talks are still just rumors, they bear watching. A lot of time where there is smoke there is fire.

Another interesting rumor popping up links Jermaine Jones to Major League Soccer, and rumors point to Kansas City as his most likely landing spot if the rumors about a move abroad for current SKC defender Matt Besler come to fruition prove true. The swap, in this editor's opinion, would definitely help SKC, but you have to wonder if it really benefits Jones long-term.

What will it take to win again?

Both the Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash are in the midst of some pretty lengthy struggles. Offensively, both struggle to put the ball into the goal and an inability to control possession. Defensively, both struggle from constant changes to back half of the formation showing lack of communication and man marking issues.

Both teams have tremendous talent on their rosters, but both will most likely ride their respective seasons out with who they have already. Can either team overcome their struggles and find ways to win?

It is going to take leadership, and it is going to take teamwork. Both possess the ability, the drive and determination, and both have a chance to break out at any moment.

As always, if you have a take we didn't cover, or a story we didn't highlight, feel free to post them in the comments!