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FIFA World Cup 2014: Argentina vs Netherlands Live Game Thread

One of this two teams will head to the final.

Jamie Squire

Argentina vs Netherlands

Kickoff 3pm CT

Argentina are back in the semifinals for the first time since 1990 and the Netherlands are trying to make it back to the finals for the second straight time. The Netherlands kicked off the tournament by beating Spain 5-1, but they had to go to a penalty shootout in their last game against Costa Rica. They will be without Nigel de Jong who is injured. Robbin Van Persie scored three goals in the teams first two game but has failed to score in the last three games. The Netherlands defense will be a tough test for Argentina particularly if they line up with five midfielders. While Messi is undeniably Argentina's best player it was Gonzalo Higuain who scored the lone goal against Belgium. Messi has already scored four goals this tournament and is constant scoring threat. Angel Di Maria suffered a thigh injury during Argentina's 1-0 win over Belgium and may miss the game against the Netherlands because of it. If he is out Enzo Perez may be his replacement serving as winger with Ezequiel Lavezzi on the other side. Argentina can't allow the Netherlands to score first if they do then the Netherlands will be able to switch to the counter-attacking style of soccer they prefer to play.