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Editor's Notes: Turf Circles, Arena the ball thief and Bob Bradley

Seattle has turf circles. Anthony Arena and the Riverhounds had a great Twitter exchange over a stolen soccer ball.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

I had not intended for this week's edition of Editor's Notes to be such a Twittter and video fest but alas that is what it turned into. With both teams losing over the weekend we could all use a little fun to kick this week off anyways.

Turf Circles

If you watched last night's Dynamo game (let's face it you did) you may have noticed that that CenturyLink field was in less than tip top shape. Apparently due to a corporate event the grounds crew was unable to get the field tended to as early as they usually do and it showed. More importantly the good people of Twitter noticed and had lots of great input on the state of the field.

Aliens! Always blame the aliens!

Anthony Arena Ball Thief

Well maybe not exactly but this counts as contributing right?

Sure you did Anthony sure you did.

Bob Bradley

I am most assuredly not a soccer coach, but if I were this is what I would expect a post game interview following a loss to sound like from me. This may also be the best post game interview ever and I present it to you without further comment.