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Houston Dynamo vs Union Recap

A recap of the events during the game with my personal man of the match.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Boy what a thrilling win! The Dynamo get a much needed 3 points and looked strong once again!

The first half was very choppy with no real shots being taken by either side that did much harm. Will Bruin and Giles Barnes made a few runs but nothing that would be considered too dangerous as the midfield struggled to find a way to connect with the two strikers. The first half looked like both teams were tired and that could be attributed to the humidity within the stadium tonight.

The second half was much more exciting, with both teams going for it and looking to attack as much as possible! The Dynamo came out the stronger side in the second half and broke through with touch passing around defenders which resulted in the first goal by Will Bruin following a Giles Barnes cross.

After Philadelphia conceded their first goal, they pushed the ball more but with this strategy came consequences as they got caught up the field resulting in dangerous counter attacks by the Dynamo. The most notable counter came by Will Bruin which had him 1v1 with Philadelphia Union goalkeeper Andre Blake, but too many touches and brilliant keeping denied the Dynamo an insurance goal.  The Dynamo had a few problems of their own after communication broke down between Tally Hall and Jermaine Taylor which led to a chance by the Union following an errant back pass by Taylor.

The final goal arrived right as stoppage time began as Omar Cummings tried to cross the ball in but instead had it deflected off of Raymon Gaddis which found its way passed Blake who was caught off guard and off his line.

Overall though, a solid game by the Dynamo with my man of the match being Luis Garrido. Garrido hustled everywhere and was always there to fix a turnover. He's a pitbull.