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Preview: Houston Dash at Sky Blue FC

In the final Houston Dash match of the season, the team travels to New Jersey to take on Sky Blue FC. Can the Dash secure one final win, or are they destined to land Morgan Brian in the NWSL College Draft with the number one overall pick?

Houston Dash - Haley's Heroes
Houston Dash - Haley's Heroes
Blue City Photography | Trask Smith

This Houston Dash season has been one of many ups and plenty of downs. From multiple key players falling prey to season-ending injuries to national team call-ups, this group of ladies has endured through it all. While the wins and losses may not be the best in the league, the team took the field every game with heart and grit, and never surrendered even when it would have been easier to do so.

And so, the inaugural Houston Dash season comes to a close against Sky Blue FC in New Jersey, and even though both teams have been eliminated from the NWSL playoffs there is still something on the line. The Morgan Brian Sweepstakes will be decided between Houston Dash and Boston Breakers.

Our lovely ladies in orange sit two points behind the Boston Breakers, and a win would place them one point above Boston in the standings. Since this is the final match of the 2014 NWSL regular season, it also decides who gets the number one overall pick in the 2015 NWSL College Draft and ultimately the team who would land highly coveted Morgan Brian. Anything but the win leaves the Dash with the first overall pick in the draft. Morgan Brian sure would look good in orange, but let's be real this isn't a team willing to tank it. Even if it means landing Brian.

The heart, the resilience the ladies have shown this season is beyond admirable. They've proven their fortitude in match after match, and we've all fallen in love with the passion they display match in and match out. From Ella Masar to Becky Edwards, from Osinache Ohale to Kealia Ohai, we found a solace in the closeness of the girls. There is a sense of something special with this group of ladies, and no matter who is in orange and blue in 2015, we will never forget the 2014 Houston Dash.

They captured our hearts early on, and their openness and desire to connect with fans won our spirits. Epitomizing all of these things was a tweet from Head Coach Randy Waldrum.

This is the final match of the season, it is the final chance to cheer on the ladies (even if it will be from afar). Sure, they are in New Jersey, but their hearts are here in Houston. Normally, in a preview we'd break down some of the oppositions best players, but I wanted to do something special to really commemorate this special occasion.

So, for your viewing pleasure, a look back at how it all began.

Share your favorite memory from this season, and let's make this a tradition!

My favorite memory was the Haley's Heroes match. My Dad is retired Coast Guard, and so I hold a special place in my heart for military. That must explain why I root so strongly for Haley Carter (that and she writes blog posts for us!). It also explains why that night was so special to me. All the military members who made it out, the special celebration of their time and service. It was an incredible night, regardless the outcome.

And finally, a short message to our (emphasis on OUR) Houston Dash: Good luck! We'll be at The Phoenix on Westheimer cheering you on, and we can't wait for 2015! Dash on!