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Match Recap:Houston Dynamo vs. Columbus Crew

A look back at the Houston Dynamo game versus the Columbus Crew that occurred on 8/23/2014. This is purely the representation of the game, we will always be foreverorange here at DT and will always have faith for the next week with many of us being season ticket holders. Our opinions are ours alone and represent us alone.

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Through this recap we will assess the Dynamo from my point of view, and I love to hear what you guys think as well so be sure to leave as much comments as you wish and I will try to respond to all of them.


First 45+ Minutes:

The first 45 minutes of the game can be recapped by 1 word: sloppy. I think that if this was a High School soccer team the entire team would be doing a punishment workout the next day. The midfield was not connecting with the strikers or the defense for most of the first 45 minutes. The Dynamo came out and really held possession of the ball in the first 15 minutes but were not able to get the ball out of the middle third.

In the 17' we saw Will Bruin get a lovely chance to put the struggling road Dynamo up 1-0 as a sloppy pass from Columbus gave Bruin a 1v1 with Columbus Goalie Clark. However Bruin struggled to get the ball out from under his feet and well..

This was the difference as Bruin misses a chance given to the Dynamo, the Columbus Crew did not miss the chance as Justin Meram stole the ball from David Horst and calmly slotted it above a sliding Tally Hall and into the back of the net in the 35'.

Lets just say that from the entire first 45+ minutes of play, there was only 4 highlights, meaning that the game saw something important once every 11 minutes. Dom was most likely not a happy person.

Second 45+ Minutes:

The second half is the same as the first, away from BBVA compass stadium the effort from the Dynamo has been less than the Houston Dash. Here's my little take on effort: talent and power can get you so far but at the level of the professionals the deciding factor in many games is going to be effort and wanting it. We hear every day that the Dynamo feel like this is the playoffs, and yet we see games like this. I don't know about you but when I think about a person wanting it, I think of Rocky and I do not see the Dynamo climbing any steps or practicing in a meat locker (figuratively speaking).

I don't witness the training that goes on and I don't see everything but in many games this year the effort has not been on the field when it needs to be.

In the 59' Adam Bedell scores off of a header whipped in and in the 65' we saw another header from Aaron Schoenfeld who scores with relative ease.

I felt like I have wanted to shut the tv off at the 65'.

I cannot fault Dom Kinnear however, he has proven to be a winning coach and that doesn't change overnight, I believe the problem lies in the players.

The best part of this match was the stoppage time being only 1 minute at the end so the pain can just end.

My man of the match is going to be Giles Barnes who I thought showed the most effort out of all the Dynamo players. Barnes makes the runs, the shots but just can't quite connect.