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Leave the Blame, Bring the Flame!

We will take a look into the expectations that the Houston Dynamo fans have for the Front office, a few specific players, and for the success of the Dynamo. Are the Dynamo fans spoiled by a club that has had constant success and has only missed the playoffs once? Will your mind change on your expectations after reading this article? How will you as a supporter help turn this season around?

Thomas B. Shea

Over the past few years the Dynamo have always struggled and found a way to turn it around in the August heat. However this year has been a larger challenge with injuries and a salary cap that has not allowed much movement. The expectations of Dynamo fans on players such as Will Bruin have been clear and the perception of a successful season hinges on Bruin's success and his performances. Here we will take a look at some of those perceptions, like the ones around Bruin and see if they hold up as truth or are simply an outlet for our frustration with the Dynamo.

Will Bruin or Will Ruin:

We all have had high expectations for Will Bruin over the past couple of seasons and as the seasons go on many of those expectations are left unaccomplished which frustrates many fans. However are those expectations as they say "reaching for the stars while he is still landing on the moon".

This year Will Bruin has scored 9 goals while the next person to score is Giles Barnes with only 5.

Why is our expectations higher of Will Bruin than of anyone else? Will Bruin has scored the average number of goals to be the Leader in goal scoring of any team. However, the real problems lies, as I have dug around, in the lack of goal scoring by anyone but Will Bruin. If you look at the Portland Timbers, the top goal scorers are spaced evenly and close together.

With this I think it is clear, the fans and supporters have high hopes for Bruin but we leave these high hopes with Bruin alone and do not hold anyone else accountable. Yes Bruin has missed some 1v1 chances but he has scored in big moments. So let's stop bickering at one man and change the season as a team! The fans and the players together can make a difference!

It's either Us or Bust:

I think that it might be time that the Dynamo quit telling us in press conferences that the time has come to play every game like it is do or die. Over the past few weeks the front office and the coaches and the players have all told the media and the fans that its time to take a hard look into the mirror. Personally, I don't want to take a look into the mirror and I want to see the Dynamo quit looking into that mirror as well. This year has been trying, it has been painful, and down right ugly at times. This is a team sport and I want the team to not look into a mirror at themselves but to look into the lights and see something else. I mean these guys:

Too many times have the Dynamo looked alone on a pitch, the Dynamo need to know they are not going through this trial alone, the fans are still with them - this is not Chivas USA. We will not be silenced, our drums will keep on booming, and our voices will keep on singing no matter what happens. We may be bloodied, we may be battered, but we are not out yet.

I challenge not only the Dynamo Players, but the supporters as well to push and push until your body can't give it anymore. For Dynamo supporters, this means showing up and bringing the 12th man energy and spirit. Pass this along to your fellow supporters, share it on twitter, and on Facebook to let your voice be heard that you are still Forever Orange. Let this be a call to the team that's on the field and off the field. Show up to the games, bring the support- win or lose, because we will now and forever stay in club and be Forever Orange!

We will do our part in the stands, and you do your part on the field and we will, together...