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What should the Dynamo retirement gift to Landon Donovan be?

Now that DCU gave Donovan a retirement gift 'Gift Wars' is on!

Farewell Landycakes
Farewell Landycakes
Jeff Gross

Since announcing that he would retire at the end of the MLS season the Landon Donovan retirement tour been in full swing. He will play his last game for the US Men's National Team in October. As the games tick away on the calendar more and more last's begin to appear on Donovan's career. His last time facing off against an opponent. Beating that opponent, losing to that opponent and since it's soccer tying that opponent.

All good retirement parties include gifts and since each stop that includes a last is a mini retirement party of its own the good ones have gifts. Last year when Mariano Rivera retired from baseball the Minnesota Twins gave him a rocking chair made out of broken baseball bats. Last night when Donovan played against DCU they gave him a chair from RFK stadium.

Now the Dynamo have already faced off against Donovan and the LA Galaxy this season and it was prior to his announcement depriving him them of the chance to throw him a mini-retirement party on the tour. But it doesn't mean they can't FedEx him a gift. Side note: if you google 'soccer retirement gift' pictures of David Beckham show up. No lie.

But what could the Dynamo give him? Chair made of soccer balls? He has a stadium chair thanks to DCU. They could go the cowboy boot and hat route but that would almost be too expected. Brad Davis and Tally Hall would probably go halfsies on a camo soccer ball or camo anything for him. Basket of oranges? Meh.  What-a-burger gift card? Better. Giant framed picture of him in a Houston Dynamo jacket after playing in the Brian Ching testimonial last December wrapped using photos of him with bleach blonde hair? Peeeeeeeeerfect.

Are there better gifts out there for Houston to give to Landon Donovan?