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The Enigma to Sell Out BBVA Compass Stadium

With all the turmoil in the MLS and growth being such an important part, how do clubs look to enhance their weekly attendence during the regular season. We slide tackle that problem.

Scott Halleran

Over the years besides the playoffs of course the Houston Dynamo along with other MLS clubs have been left bewildered at how to sell more tickets to soccer games and how to draw a larger crowd. As supporters and die-hard fans we find it so simple to just question the integrity of all the fans that come out for the playoffs but is there something the clubs can do to make those supporters come to regular season games as well. Let’s look at this conundrum a little more shall we?

From a Houston Dynamo stand point we see the Front Office take a package approach most of the time. We have seen specials on certain games, and packages that allow you to get multiple games for a lower price. But does this really entirely work? In my opinion it is good but is it good enough and that’s where I think more can be done.

Many have called for more interaction from the Dynamo as a team with activities going on before the game starts, or to offer services that allow more people to enjoy the game. Others have called for a major player from Mexico to draw more Spanish fans such as Chicharito.

If we look at Chicago Fire the club offers 10$ shuttles from bars around the city to the game and from the game afterwards. The Seattle Sounders have a street near the stadium which closes down and becomes a place for fans to gather, chant, and have fun.

Another idea is the idea of offering packages for large businesses and hosting corporate events at games. Until this year, I did not know that the Dynamo can set up a discounted ticket website for companies that wish to sell tickets to their employees. Imagine Shell, or Exxon inviting employees to a Dynamo game, or hotels being able to give their employees a Dynamo game night.

Others feel that the Dynamo fans are very fair weather fans and will only attend when the Dynamo are winning and that might be true but how can we make it a good experience even when the Dynamo are losing? I urge fans to get 1 extra ticket and invite a friend, someone who might know nothing about soccer, to come and enjoy the time, because at one point we were those very people getting invited.

It’s my belief that if the Dynamo seek to get more people to come for the first time and aren't selective from where they come, that they will fall in love with it and want to come back.  Whatever the Dynamo front office choose to do, let us just hope that it isn't sit around. The last thing the long time loyal fans want to see is a stadium attendance like the ones seen at Chivas USA.

For those who think that getting more fans will never happen, I would like to just like to remind you: