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Bear Streak: Are we in the middle of a Will Bruin scoring streak?

Will Bruin has scored 2 goals in 2 games are we in the midst of a scoring streak? What does it mean if we are?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

When I have free time I often browse the vastness of the internet for anything and everything Houston Dynamo related - especially after a win (which is how I found Dynamo Theory some years ago). Our incredible victory over D.C. United last Sunday ended a very poor stretch of form but also meant something else: there was actually positive news reported about the Dynamo. I went hunting for all the nice things said about the shutout victory over the 3rd highest ranked team in the league and other than recharging my sense of well-being (which totally runs on Dynamo wins), I also learned a few interesting things, most notably about our Dancing Bear, Will Bruin.

In a brief recap of the game, Kyle Bonn of PST explained a few truths about this year that begs discussion. First, Will Bruin is an incredibly streaky scorer this year. Twice this year he's scored three goal streaks and is on pace to do so again having scored two goals in two games. Secondly, five of the six wins of the Dynamo have featured a Will Bruin goal. Of course it makes sense that if one of our forwards is scoring then the Dynamo has a better chance of winning, but it's still worth noting how important his production is to the final result.

I'm not trying to argue about Will Bruin's shot percentage versus anyone else's, or his goal tally versus other forwards in the league or other Dynamo players. The fact is Will Bruin scores his goals in bunches and then he cools off- which is at least true of this season. Additionally, when he does score the Dynamo typically win. So are we in the middle of a "mini" Will Bruin scoring streak given he's scored two goals in two games? And if so, how does this play out next Sunday against Seattle? The return of Ricardo Clark, Brad Davis, and Boniek provided some life to the team and Bruin, but adding DaMarcus Beasley and Luis Garrido has really energized the entire squad. An upset win over Seattle with a Will Bruin goal is certainly possible given the performances of the team against DC. What do you all think?