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Houston Dash fall 4-1 to Seattle Reign...again

The Dash travelled to Seattle but once again fall 4-1 to the Reign.

Leroux didn't play this time around but the Dash still couldn't get past the Reign
Leroux didn't play this time around but the Dash still couldn't get past the Reign
Trask Smith

Last week the Dash fell 4-1 to Seattle in Houston now in Seattle house they hoped to turn the tide on this year's regular season champion. Instead things ended very much the same with another 4-1 scoreline not in the Dash's favor.

The Dash held their own for the first thirty two minutes of the match, but it rapidly went down hill from there in the first half. Nahomi Kawasumi put Seattle on the score board first kick starting their scoring run. Kim Little passed the ball to Kawasumi right in front of goal. Dash goalkeeper Bianca Henninger was able to get a hand on it, but she wasn't able to stop it from finding the back of the net. Just two minutes later Kawasumi would put the ball right back in the net. Jessica Fishlock was able to send the ball over the top to Kawasumi who chipped it in to put the Reign up 2-0. Kawasumi looked as though she may have been offside on the goal, but the referees didn't see it the way many fans watching did.

In the 39th minute Kawasumi sent a though-ball to Goebel who had no problem getting the ball past Henninger. While it could have been 4-0 or 5-0 heading into halftime the Dash were able to keep the damage to 3-0. The holes between the Dash defense and the midfield were big enough for the Reign to run through repeatedly from the 32nd minute on.

Coming out in the second half the Dash looked more together and the large hole between the defense and midfield seemed to have shrunk. They began to regain more possession of the ball and get some movement forward with the ball.

Kim Little found herself a good 10 yards behind the Dash backline as a long ball came over the top to her. 1v1 with Henninger she was able to get around her and make the scoreline 4-0 in the 48th minute. Again the Reign player looked to be offside but it wasn't called that way on the field.

It looked as though the Dash might be shut out of this game, but they dug deep and found a goal of their own in the 83rd minute. Marissa Diggs sent a cross into the box that Nina Burger got on the end of for the goal. Despite a few more chances for the Dash things would end with a final score of 4-1.

While Randy Waldrum spent a lot of the match upset at officials, but still manage to keep things in a positive perspective.

The Dash return to play their final home game against Sky Blue FC on Saturday.


Houston Dash: Henninger; Romero, Diggs, Engen, Ochs; Edwards (c), Toulouse (46' McFarlane), Kyle; Ohai (65' Burger), McCarty, Henderson (46' Jackson)

Seattle Reign: Kopmeyer; Cox, Barnes (77' Brigman), Reed (67' Foxhoven), Fletcher; Winters (c), Fishlock, Little (77' Rapinoe); Dallstream, Kawasumi, Goebel