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By 2020 how will MLS be different?

With very little midweek action, lets dig into the ideas posted on our commentaries by recent fans and discuss some of the predictions and ideas on a current and future MLS.

Scott Halleran

Over the past few days I have seen comments all over the DynamoTheory site that has had fans discussing MLS vs. European leagues. It’s always interesting to dive into the myths of MLS and the ideas that fans hold of MLS. Today we will look at MLS Super-Clubs, the future of MLS Players, Major World tournaments that involve MLS, and US Soccer as a whole.

MLS Super Clubs: Who & Why?

Over the years the term Super-Clubs have been tossed around the MLS and the world as a whole. When the term Super Club comes to mind the average fan thinks of Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich. However recently on DynamoTheory the fans took to the commentary section on the term Super-Club. The question is, who is defined as a Super-Club and who sets what the definition of a Super-Club is? Seattle Sounders, Sporting Kansas City and Portland Timbers could be considered Super-Clubs because of the supporters and the fan base that the 3 clubs hold. However if you define a Super-Club by Championships you think of the LA Galaxy and DC United. Of course we can’t forget the famous personnel clubs like the New York Red Bulls, and the LA Galaxy. With all these "Super-Clubs" MLS is not like other leagues in the world and I hope by the year 2020 it stays that way. The world has enough Manchester United’s, what it needs is consistent talent on consistent teams for the best consistent action.

The Future of MLS Players: More Buck for your Bang!

As the summer is fully upon us so is the transfer target and one thing is for sure, some teams are trading a few players for more money than an entire MLS Team can spend. This will have to change, and I believe it will. By 2020 I don’t think we will see players being paid 50 million but I do think there will be a visible price increase for players. This will allow more quality players to come play in MLS.

Major World Tournaments: MLS Influence

With MLS growing and US Soccer growing it comes easy for many to believe that soccer in the US will grow, however I am going to put this out there that US soccer will reach outside of the US by 2020. With the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 almost a no go, I have to believe the US will push to host the tournament but even before then I would not be surprised to see a major MLS involvement in Russia in 2018. With the Copa América Centenario being held in the United States, and young kids such as Julian Green being a promising figure in Germany, by 2020 I believe more Americans will be able to travel overseas and play with large European Powerhouses.

US Soccer: Keeping the foot on the gas!

With the world cup showing the growth in the average American’s soccer knowledge and want to watch the game, the hope is alive. MLS is growing at a great rate and plans to have 23 clubs by the end of 2018 if Miami can get their act together. This is a grateful site to see along with MLS and US Soccer growing the youth training experience. It’s a good sign and I’m excited to see what the next few years will bring.