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Dynamo draw against Philadelphia

Houston played to a nil-nil draw against Philadelphia.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't exactly the result the Dynamo needed, but they at least came away with a point. The Dynamo couldn't seem to get on the board, but they managed to keep the Union from scoring as well.

The Union spent much of the first half playing the highline one that the Dynamo tried to take advantage. Unfortunately, the Dynamo were flagged six times in the first half for being offside. Despite what looked like tired legs the Union were able to press early on in the game giving the Dynamo defense some trouble. Conor Casey had several shots that went wide of the net. In the 23rd minute Sebastien LeToux got into the box and passed the ball to Conor who attempted to get the shot off. David Horst managed to get a foot on the ball and deflect it out. Towards the end of the half Casey and David Horst collided with Horst going down a minute later with a leg injury. After going to the sidelines Horst came back on to finish the half and from there finished the game.

The first few minutes of the second half were dangerous for the Dynamo. The Union quickly got the ball into the box and it took a few minutes and several saves from goal keeper Tyler Deric before the team was finally able to clear the ball.  In the second half it was Andrew Wenger who gave the Dynamo defensive trouble luckily Luis Garrido was there to clean things up on more than one occasion. Brad Davis also made work of his defensive skills tracking back to defend the ball and saved what certainly would have been a goal for the Union. The Dynamo had a couple of corner kicks in the second half but weren't able to make anything of them.

While they didn't get on the score board the Barnes/Cummings partnership looked good once again. They play the ball well with each other and have a chemistry that Barnes hasn't been able to develop with Will Bruin. Luis Garrido shut down a number of Union runs and continued to prove his value in the midfield. A.J. Cochran looked better this game as he once again started in place of the injured Jermaine Taylor. The rookie still had some shaky moments but overall he looked better.

The team fought hard the entire match but couldn't seem to make anything come of their hard work. They come out of Philadelphia with just one point. While they needed three the playoffs are still mathematically possible. They will need to win all of their home game and two on the road to make the playoffs. They have three road games left this season which leaves them with little room for error.