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Editor's Notes: Dynamo playoffs & Hope Solo

The playoffs could still happen for the Dynamo and I take another stab at the Hope Solo case.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

We're not dead yet!

Houston played to a 0-0 draw against the Union on Saturday. The match had few exciting moments and even fewer on the Dynamo side of things. We went into Philadelphia needing three points. We didn't get them but our playoff hopes aren't completely dead yet.

The team has six matches left, three at home and three on the road. They have to win four matches to get into the playoffs. The most likely path would be for the team to win all three home games and win two of their road games. They face the Chicago Fire, DC United and the New England Revolution all at BBVA Compass stadium. While they go on the road to face the New York Red Bulls, Toronto FC and the Chicago Fire in the final game of the regular season.

Is it doable? Yes. Is it likely? Not so much. This team has been ravaged again and again by injuries. In addition to the 'ACL Crew' they have amassed this season Boniek Garcia and Jermaine Taylor were our last game with concussions. Will Bruin has been out with a foot injury. Corey Ashe was out last game with a knee sprain though he has been regulated to the bench since DeMarcus Beasley came to town.

This may end up being the second season that the Dynamo don't make the playoffs since the team came to Houston. While I'm not really sure what I am supposed to do when MLS playoffs are going on and there isn't a team in orange to root for this may be a good thing. We have spent the last couple of years squeaking into the playoffs. Sitting at home in November tends to make teams take a harder look at their rosters. No playoffs and a lack of cap space this season may make for some major off-season moves. It may be time to bring in some new blood to the club.

Hope Solo & USWNT

Yes, this is another Monday that I am choosing to bring up Hope Solo and her pending domestic violence case. Why? Because I can and it needs to be be brought up. However, this time more main stream outlets are jumping on board. Thursday night, Hope Solo captained the USWNT in a 4-0 win over Mexico. Handing her the captain's armband got the writers outraged and writing. Solo was given the armband as a reward for breaking the US shutout record in the previous match. The internet began to fill with columns of outrage at Solo being allowed to represent our country which then spawned columns defending Solo and US Soccer's decision.

The recent media outrage over US Soccer's decision is laughable. Where was the indignation when she was allowed to rejoin the Seattle Reign and finish out the regular season?  The USWNT matches that she has played in since her arrest? Or is it now simply the easy thing to do since the Ray Rice situation blew up? Both the Reign and US Soccer have said that they are waiting until the outcome of the legal process before they plan on taking any action against Solo. But Niel Buethe, spokesman for US Soccer, took it a step further when talking about Solo's 'personal situation' and US Soccer's decision to honor her.

"At the same time she has an opportunity to set a significant record that speaks to her hard work and dedication over the years with the national team. While considering all factors involved, we believe that we should recognize that in the proper way."

Really Buethe? Really? Are you so oblivious to the rapidly changing social climate when it comes to domestic violence and our athletes? The NFL is in massive trouble over their handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence situation and you think that this is a good stance for US Soccer to be taking?

Well Buethe perhaps you and other media outlets haven't noticed , but fans are not happy with this. Fans have chosen not to watch any match involving Solo until her case is resolved and if punishment is required until punishment is administered. Fans at matches are chanting in opposition to Solo. Fans with small children don't want their children looking up to someone accused of a crime. Fans of both the NWSL and the USWNT are choosing to do these things. This isn't the media attention that women's soccer needs in this country or any other country for that matter.

I'm glad that other writers are finally upset that Solo is still allowed to represent our country, but if it took you until Thursday to get to that point you might want to take a long hard look in the mirror. If it took the Ray Rice situation blowing up for you to have a problem with how the Solo case is being handled, then you need to take a step back and recognize the problem with that. It is not about comparing the alleged actions of both players, it's about our reactions when they, and any other athlete is accused of a crime. The fact that ANY of these athletes are still allowed to be on our teams and represent us because they are good at sports is reason enough for ALL of us to take a step back and take a long hard look in the mirror.