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The Echo: Houston hosts Chicago

While the Dynamo were busy putting away the Fire on Sunday, fans and spectators were clacking away their reactions. DynamoTheory offers a sampling of those posts so that we can relive a well-played team effort.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday afternoon, the Houston Dynamo kept their playoff chances alive by playing one of their most complete games of soccer all year against a wounded Chicago Fire. Though many of our DynamoTheory readers were able to witness such a commanding performance live, there was plenty of talk on Twitter that you might've missed. Here's some of the highlights.

Sadly, the Dynamo kicked off this match in the midst of a Houston Texans home game just down the road. The empty seats were certainly felt:

Nonetheless, fans of both teams were spotted roaming the concourse before the first whistle:

Texian Army made their plea to Dom Kinnear as rumors of his departure surface:

Onto the first half, Omar Cummings shamed the Chicago defense:

Which Dynamo beat reporter Darrell Lovell is quick to note is something of a trend:

And then there was this bit which can only be classified as filthy:

There may be some... alternative ways for Brad Davis to get an endorsement deal:

Not that he would need them, though, after logging his 10th assist on the year (passing 2013) with this beautiful combo play with Kofi Sarkodie and Boniek Garcia:

The whole thing was captured brilliantly by sideline photog James Nielsen:

And MLS' Ben Jata logged his vote for an ever-smiling Garcia following his vintage performance:

Finally, I can't let it go without mentioning Dynamo fan Francisco Rios and his fulfilled prophecy predicted back on August 10!

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