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Editor's Notes: The Dynamo are back at practice and Hope Solo

The Dynamo players have their number and I revisit the Hope Solo situation.

Trask Smith

They're baaaaack! The Dynamo are back at practice today and after slacking off over the holidays with this weekly column it is back each week. With a little bit of this and a little bit of the from around the league and around the world this is the spot to find some non-Dynamo and non-Dash news from time to time.

What's in a number?

The boys are back and there are a lot of new faces on the Dynamo after a busy offseason. The new Dynamo home jersey will be revealed in less than six weeks and the Houston Dynamo Twitter account had been tweeting out sneak peeks of the jersey. Plot twist it is orange. Player numbers have also been given out. The classics stay the same aka Davis with number 11 while Tyler Deric is now number 1.

Tyler Deric 1
Kofi Sarkodie 2
Oumar Ballo 3
Jermaine Taylor 4
Raul Rodriguez 5
Nathan Sturgis 6
DaMarcus Beasley 7
Luis Garrido 8
Erick Torres 9
Giles Barnes 10
Brad Davis 11
Will Bruin 12
Ricardo Clark 13
Jason Johnson 14
Alexander Lopez 15
AJ Cochran 16
Chandler Hoffman 17
David Horst 18
Rob Lovejoy 19
Zach Steinberger 21
Leonel Miranda 22
Taylor Hunter 23
Corey Ashe 26
Boniek Garcia 27
Memo Rodriguez 28
Michael Lisch 30
Joe Willis 31

Hope Solo

Okay, so at this point most people have already heard that the domestic violence charges were dropped against Solo only to see her husband arrested a few days later for suspicion of DUI. Solo was in the vehicle and was reportedly belligerent with officers and oh yeah her husband was driving a vehicle owned by US Soccer. Soon after she was suspended by US Soccer for a month.

Despite the fact that the domestic violence charges against Solo were dismissed I still think she should have served some sort of suspension over the incident. Her current suspension will see her miss two friendlies one against England and one against France. She will have to apply for reinstatement to US Soccer which most people expect her to get.

I'm all about suspensions, but it has reached the point where after so many incidents you have to wonder if it will do any good. Looking at it from the outside it looks like what Solo needs is help, to get her life back in order. Unfortunately, people often have to hit rock bottom to be ready to accept that help. Is Solo there? I have no clue I can only hope that at some point she will get it together, by herself or with help from others, not because she needs to be a role model for kids but for herself.