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The Dynamo Duo: Picking Cubo and Giles A Tag Team Nickname

With The Addition Of Erick Torres, He And Giles Barnes Become A Formidable Scoring Tandem. Just Like Every Awesome Pair Of Heroes, They Need A Tag Team Nickname!

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

Whether it's Batman and Robin, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid or even our beloved, infamous ACL Crew, a nickname provides a certain excitement and identity to a group. Erick Torres, the Mexican star, joins a retooled Dynamo roster which includes last year's top man, Giles Barnes. So before the off-season hits full chaos mode with draft coverage and transfer news, I thought we could have some creative fun with our whole Dynamo fan base! Here's a quick list of potential nicknames for our new star studded front line duo, please vote for your favorite and add your own in the comments section! (Disclaimer- Remember I'm a human just like you so they won't all be winners ha-ha)

Splash & Smash- Cubo is known to have a tremendous feel around the goal and has a penchant for no matter the situation, finding the back of the net. Giles has great scorer prowess as well, including powerful strikes from anywhere in the offensive zone. So Torres is Splash and Barnes is Smash.

Fire & Ice- Giles Barnes is a smooth operator, gliding around the pitch with ease. He's cool as ice! Cubo's pace and energy is incendiary. He's explosive! So Cubo is Fire & Giles is Ice.

Swangin' & Bangin'- 2 words that just flow perfectly together. Obviously a big time shout out to Houston's hip-hop culture of swangin' and bangin' in cars. Referring on the field to banging goals into the net and swanging crosses to each other. Names are interchangeable!

Pimp C & Bun B- Arguably the most successful and recognizable musical artists from Texas, Pimp C(ubo) and Bun B(arnes) will make beautiful harmony together attacking defenses. This UGK inspired nickname is relatable to not only Houston's musical history but also can be appreciated by multiple generations! (RIP to Pimp C of course!)

Cubo & The Gunslinger- Simply has a great ring to it and relates to the Wild Wild West history in Texas. Giles is a great shot so there's that too!

Remember to vote in the poll for your favorite and add your own creations to the comments section! Heck, maybe one of yours or ours will stick! Have some fun and Happy New Year!