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Help us improve Dynamo Theory

After a very good year we’re looking to improve the site even more here at Dynamo Theory, and we’re asking for your help!

"Yes, your help"
"Yes, your help"
Trask Smith, Blue City Photography

This past year has seen a lot of changes around Dynamo Theory. We have had several changes in Managing Editor and have seen some staff writers come in and others go. Overall though, we've had a tremendously successful year. Our writers have come in and aimed for the fences with their stories and it turns out you, the readers, are coming to our site more and more for which we're extremely thankful for.

We are constantly trying to improve ourselves and our content and we're experimenting with ways in which to do more. Even with the great year that we had in 2014, we want to strive to make 2015 an even better one which is why we're asking for your help. How can we make Dynamo Theory a better place?

There are several types of articles we typically run - game day related such as previews, recaps, player ratings, and question exchanges with the opposing team's SB Nation website. There are also breaking news type stories which are typically shorter as they are released and then expanded upon later. There are series types of articles such as Justin J's Ownership pieces, Travis's expert weekly Fantasy MLS advice, Dynamo_Defender's rundown of the week in MLS and major news, along with miscellaneous stories.

Without delving into the specifics, we'd like to know is there a type of article you'd like to see more of.  Short series like Justin's historical breakdown of the Ownership group (here's part 2 by the way), more featured articles such as a weekly segments on a specific topic, or anything at all. Let us know and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Below is a small survey that will help us best understand the kinds of new content we need to be focusing on. Feel free to check any box you think that needs checking and leave a comment either in the survey itself to remain anonymous or comment directly below to let your opinion be heard (that way you can say you suggested something first!).

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