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Not-So-Retired Ella Masar Headed To Europe

Ella Masar causes retirement panic within WoSo world, heads to Europe instead.

Trask Smith

Leave it to the one and only Ella Masar to cause widespread panic across the women's soccer community with her thinly veiled hints at retirement dating as early as Spring 2015. The fan's unrest grew in the Dash's post-season when she posted a carefully-worded goodbye and thank-you to the Dash organization and fans. When her name was on the waiver list, few could claim to be surprised.

What was Masar up to? Everyone chimed in. Fellow teammate Haley Carter speculated she was pregnant with twins, starting a league in Canada and moving to Mars.

Others speculated the obvious retirement, pregnancy, an unannounced NWSL expansion into Vancouver (no really, this one needs to happen)...the list goes on. But today, it was tweeted by Hal Kaiser that Masar is instead headed to Europe to play for the 2016 season. At this point, she is currently considered 'unattached' to a NWSL team, thus allowing her to be claimed by another team.

One can only read between the lines of what this means for the Dash, who has long-relied on Masar's wife, goalkeeper Erin McLeod, to keep them afloat in games when the defense was less than stellar. Along with another defender, Houston may very well be looking for another goalkeeper as well.