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Places NOT to go in Vancouver

Crossed the border to follow the Dynamo? Here are some crappy place you won't want to see. While they are really in Burnaby it's close enough to Vancouver you won't want to get caught in them.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Uncle Willy's

Overall this place has two and a half stars on Yelp! and most of them talk about the food having no taste what so ever. Like if there is a step below bland it's this restaurant.

"I went there with my mom and two boys I babysit cause I remember the food use to be good however when I went there this time the place has gone right down hill I'm sorry buy the food tasted like slop I couldn't make it through one plate of food hell couldn't even get a couple of bites before gagging and pushing the food away the boys I brought with me could barely eat my mom was gagging but managed to force herself to eat her moneys worth but is also now feeling sick from it and so are the boys I sat and waited for my mom and the boys to finish eating my fault before I went and asked for my refund since I didn't eat and got told they have a 5 min policy and should of told them sooner so basically rush grab food and wolf down to see if you like it or no money back which is BS however I was able to get a refund but not with out dealing with hostility and rudeness from the Asian staff I felt bad for the white girl cashier she was getting beratted by the other staff and went off cowering because she couldn't deal with the fighting they also threatened to sue me if I posted a bad review for salander guess they don't know what freedom of speech means do they ?? I am voicing my honest opinion I wouldn't serve their food to my dogs hell I doubt my dogs would even eat that slop they would probably look at me and whine if I tried to serve it to them wondering what they did to be punished I'm sorry but that food is not that great at all"-Ann-Marie A.

Po King Seafood Restaurant

There are multiple reviews that refer to the head lady here as a Nazi. Apparently she screams at the staff and drags the customers to their seats and makes you share tables with strangers. Sounds fun huh? Reviews on the Dim Sum are mixed, but the (Soup) Nazi sounds like she really brings the entertainment.

"While the Seinfeldian Soup Nazi can get away with rude service because of his life-changing soups, Dim Sum Nazi has even less charm and only cheap and huge dim sum unworthy of the agitation you will experience. An emotional rollercoaster for this regrettable dim sum joint:

- they took reservations for two tables on a Saturday morning, I find ample parking in the huge lot and walk in without lining up. I'm pleasantly surprised.
- I pass by the manager shrieking at people in line, telling them to share tables or they don't eat. I'm startled and annoyed.
- I see a lot of non-Chinese diners that don't look like they belong in a dim sum joint. I'm concerned.
- My brother nudges me and recognizes the loud, banshee of a manager is the one from Big Lai (which closed), I will call her "Dim Sum Nazi". I flashback to the old crappy Big Lai with the loud and rude service. I'm terrified.
- All dishes are only $2.95, they do cart service and everything is freakishly huge (possibly the biggest I've seen). Where most places give you 3 taro dumplings or salt-water dumplings, you get 4 huge pieces here. I'm pleased.
- While most of the dishes weren't anything special, it was mostly passable. However, one of the fishes dishes reeked and the chow fun was uber-greasy. I'm not impressed.
- End of a pretty mediocre dim sum session and bellies near bursting with monster-sized dumplings, my aunts and uncles engage in the ceremonial Chinese tradition of fighting over the bill. I'm entertained.
- Bill was only about $100 for 16 people across two tables. My mom had the foresight to pre-pay for the meal making the bill-fighting moot. The change is brought to us with the bill and I noticed that they charged 'tea fee' for 20 people. Thinking that they tried to pull a fast one, I'm annoyed.
- My mom brings it to the attention of Dim Sum Nazi - she knows exactly why we're complaining and says that she charged us for 20 people based on our reservation and it's not her fault some people didn't show. She flippantly dismisses the overcharge and says it's "just a few bucks" and walks away before we can respond. No apology. I'm bewildered and agitated.
- We ask another server if we can get some boxes for takeout and his response was to sneer, point at someone else and ignore us. Dim Sum Nazi comes back to shoo us out to clear the table. We grab our own takeout boxes - I'm infuriated.
- We collect back the tip we were originally going to leave and give a whopping $0.45 tip for the rude service and overcharging. The sneering server and a cohort notices there's no tip and glares at us as we leave - apparently, the best way to get the server's attention here is to not tip them. I roll my eyes and leave - should have shot back, "It's just a few bucks." I'm angry, but feel avenged.

Overall, Po King has the potential of a 'favourite' dim sum joint with the low prices, push carts and huge portions of mostly okay dim sum (if you avoid some of huge misses). I don't expect (or even want) servers to be friendly and know how curt dim service service can be - but the servers here go out of their way to be rude to you. If you hated Big Lai, you will hate Po King as well - thanks to Dim Sum Nazi and her crew.

Not going to come here again - but I hope they stay open forever, so Dim Sum Nazi can keep scaring children (see picture) and more people can think "Wow! Did she just say that to me?!" after being barked at by her - but most of all, so the staff there can stay as miserable as they are."-Johnson C.

Bonny's Taxi

One and a half stars on Yelp! for this lovely business. There are multiple reviews talking about how the driver flipped them off after cutting them off in traffic. The drivers also like to yell and their customers which I am sure is great for business.

"Worst taxi service experience EVER. I'm travelling around BC and on a tight budget but decided to treat myself to a taxi since my feet were sore from walking everywhere. Turns out, I should have walked.... actually, running to my destination and back with broken toes would have been a better experience. Even phoning for a cab was stressful. I had to explain over and over where it was i wanted to go and where i was waiting. The cab arrives within 10 minutes or less and stops directly across the road from me, calls me to ask where i am and i'm like, well, if you look out of your window, there i am...................(!!??) The drive there was so unpleasant that i almost laughed about it. His driving was unnerving and oh, he DIDN'T KNOW THE WAY. I had to keep explaining which street to take next and he tried to correct me a couple of times even though I was 100% sure where to go..... how embarrassing. I finally get there and hand him a 20 dollar note and he asks how much i want back.... i shouldn't have left anything, but i just told him to keep a couple of dollars from the change and he actually asked me how much that meant i wanted back.... Needless to say, I got out of there pretty quickly and will not be calling them again. I think the employees need trained from the basics. Oh and maybe they need to buy a GPS system and a calculator for their cab drivers.....?"-Elaine M.