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Who's ready for 2016?

With the Houston Dynamo out of the playoffs the 2016 season has already started.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Dynamo ended the 2015 season the opposite way that they started it- with a loss to the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Houston kicked off the season with hope and promise against the Columbus Crew. They got the three points over the Crew, however, Houston will be sitting at home while the Crew heads to the playoffs. Houston lost to the Vancouver Whitecaps on Sunday night. Vancouver is going to the playoffs while Houston again, stays home. The reasons for the losses have been pretty talked about- National team call-ups, injuries, etc.

The end to the 2015 season doesn't mean that there is nothing to be covered or talked about in Houston until March of 2016 when soccer starts back up. The offseason started yesterday and chances are high that it is going to be a busy one.

This roster needs reworking. The players on the field didn't seem to fit into whatever it was that Coyle was trying to do. Houston's defense left a lot of be desired again this season as the team still hasn't found the right pairing at CB. The midfield, well, our midfield is aging. The team needs to start looking at getting younger which is never a fun process. The guys who used to be able to go 90+ simply can't any more. Well, they can but we get results like we have been getting- a lot of couch sitting come playoff time. Our forwards were a mixed bag. Giles Barnes started the season off strong but was off post Gold Cup. Will Bruin's issues according to fans are well documented. however, a lack of communication with the midfield killed most chances to get him the ball. When he would finally get the ball? Well, sky is high, mate. Then there is Cubo Torres who didn't see the playing time fans had hoped or expected. When he did make it on the field he too seemed to have trouble getting the ball. The three-headed-monster was not a success and it certainly wasn't going to drag us into the playoffs.

Owen Coyle didn't have a full offseason to put together the team that he wanted to play in 2015. The same won't be true of 2016. The results of 2016 are being decided with each move made this offseason.