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2015 Dynamo Theory Creamsicles: Benny Feilhaber wins Best Goal Allowed!

Nothing like a brilliant goal by your hated rival to win the Best Goal Allowed.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The wait is over! The ballots have been submitted, counted, recounted, and are now here for your viewing pleasure. Dynamo Theory will announce the 2015 Creamsicles award winners one by one over the next 5 days.

You can check out the entire list of winners here.

Benn Feilhaber Best Goal Allowed

It was a tight raced between this Benny Feilhaber goal and "Any of Fabian Castillo's 34 goals he scored on the Dynamo." Benny Feilhaber scored this rocket against Houston back in April in a game that saw Sporting Kansas City and Houston each score four goals. Impressive it was as Dynamo fans voted it as the Best Goal Allowed this season.


Dynamo Theory Staff Vote TOSS UP

Every staffer votes for a different goal allowed. So grab some tissues and scroll back up to watch Benny score over and over again.