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2015 Dynamo Theory Creamsicles: Tyler Deric wins Team MVP!

Tyler Deric dominated this season and takes home the top Creamsicle for Team MVP.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The wait is over! The ballots have been submitted, counted, recounted, and are now here for your viewing pleasure. We have spent this week handing out our annual awards and now there just one award left to hand out- Team MVP.

You can check out the entire list of winners here.

Tyler Deric Team MVP

We already renamed the MLS Save to the Week to the Deric of the Week and he already won one Creamsicle this year for his save against Kaka now he has won the Creamsicle for Team MVP. It was a tight race between he and Ricardo Clark but a few votes were the difference when it came to this award. Really there isn't much left to say about Deric's performance this season that hasn't already been said. He has been brilliant in the net and is a huge reason why the team finished as high in the standings as he did. And those saves? Dude, I have no clue how he made 80% of them.

Creamsicle 2015 Team MVP

What fans had to say:

"Tyler Deric came out and performed at a higher level then Tally Hall ever did, and this was his first year starting. He really made an impact."

"A lot of games would have been out of reach or ended differently without his heroics."

"Deric of the Week, ladies and gentlemen."

"No explanation needed."

Dynamo Theory Staff Vote Tie Ricardo Clark Tyler Deric (50%-50%)

"Not even close. Without Deric standing on his head week after week, this team is probably last in the conference."

"Arguably the most consistent player this year, he brought energy to both sides of the ball. His presence in the midfield disrupted opponent's runs and he finished 2nd this year in scoring behind Will Bruin. Not bad for a defensive midfielder."

Creamsicle 2015 MVP Staff