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Houston Dynamo will soon have different owner than LA Galaxy

AEG will soon be a one team ownership entity which means either the L.A. Galaxy or Houston Dynamo will be sold.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking today at BlazerCon, MLS Comissioner Don Garber said "We'll announce soon the sale." about AEG going from a two team ownership entity to one. The quote initially came out via a tweet from Jonathan Tannenwald who speculated that it would be the Houston Dynamo that AEG would be selling.

Dynamo fans were quickly abuzz with the news as most assumed that Garber had dropped the Dynamo's name as the team up for sale but Tannenwald later clarified that Garber had not named the Dynamo.

AEG own both the Houston Dynamo and the LA Galaxy and have looked to sell the Dynamo in the past so it's a good bet that the Dynamo are the team set to be sold. In 2012, AEG turned town an offer from Les Alexander, the owner of the Houston Rockets, to buy the Dynamo. AEG aren't the sole owners of Dynamo, however, they are just the majority owners as the Brener Group and Oscar de la Hoya are minority owners of the team.

Dynamo fans have had a complicated history with AEG's ownership of the team one we delved into in "Bad Vibes: The Story of Houston Dynamo's Ownership." Feeling as though the Dynamo play second fiddle to the Galaxy in AEG's eyes, fans have long wanted new ownership for the club and it sounds as though they may soon get it.