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Is soon soon enough for Houston Dynamo fans?

MLS Commissioner Don Garber says AEG will 'soon' be selling one team but is soon soon enough for Dynamo fans?

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

What is soon? According to Don Garber AEG will soon be an ownership group who only owns one team.

Speaking at Blazer Con which was held this past weekend, Johnathan Tannenwald tweeted out a quote from Garber that "We'll announce soon the sale." Tannenwald later clarified that Garber never named the Houston Dynamo, but that he (Tannenwald) assumed that the Dynamo would be the team that AEG would sell not the L.A. Galaxy. It's a good bet that between the two teams the Dynamo would be the one sold. AEG happen to be the majority oweners but the team is also co-owned by Gabriel Brener and Oscar de la Hoya.

But what is soon and who would throw down the cash to buy the team and their orange hued stadium? We don't know what the context was to the statement from Garber. Was he talking specifically about single team ownership as an imminent reality or was he speaking from the position that the league hoped they would soon achieved single team ownership?

That's the thing about Twitter you can only get so  much from 140 characters and its ability to create news. There is a lot we don't know. While there hasn't been a for sale sign sitting out in front of BBVA Compass Stadium waiting  for the right family to drive-by and purchase it the team also hasn't really been off the market.

The team was nearly sold a few years ago to Les Alexander, the owner of the Houston Rockets, but the deal eventually fell through. A near sell and falling through of the sell that happened fairly publicly. Since then there hasn't been much in the way of sale news, but it let fans know the team wasn't set for AEG ownership forever. An ownership that fans have long wanted rid of.

As fans have watched the L.A. Galaxy thrive under large DP signings they have wondered where their large splashes of cash from ownership were. Not that the team hasn't had DP signing but they haven't exactly signed David Beckham or Steven Gerrard, not that either would fare well in the heat of a Houston summer. But the perception of being the orange-headed step child has long plagued the team.

Can new ownership really turn around a team that just missed the playoffs? Sure, but it could also be worse. Houston isn't the only team that feels that they have a problem with absentee owners. I don't think Robert Kraft spend much time watching the New England Revolution. I don't know that Stan Kroenke spends much time at Rapids game, but his team is keeping Pablo Mastroeni despite a sub par record. Spending doesn't mean winning just look at New York City FC who finished eighth in the East. But do you really need ownership at the game if your team is spending cash and winning?

New owners could certainly breathe new life into a club that just got through its first season under head coach Owen Coyle. The team is under going a changing of the guard when it comes to the players on the field so why not a change in the owners box. That is if new owners are coming 'soon' but again what is soon to Garber? Is soon soon enough for Dynamo fans?