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Luis Garrido suffers horrific leg break against Mexico

The Houston Dynamo midfielder sees his leg bent backward, marring a World Cup Qualifier between Honduras and Mexico.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Luis Garrido has suffered a nauseating leg injury in a World Cup Qualifying match between Honduras and Mexico in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The Dynamo defensive midfielder was stretchered from the field of play and is undergoing tests at a nearby hospital to determine the exact severity of the damage to his knee.

The injury occurred late in the scoreless first half as Mexican midfielder Javier Aquino held possession, charging toward Garrido. Honduran teammate Wilmer Crisanto, who was trailing the Mexican player, pushed the back of Aquino, sending him tumbling into Garrido's legs. The fall pinned Garrido's shin underneath Aquino and, as Garrido hunched forward from the collision, his knee appears to have snapped forward in gruesome fashion.

For those interested in seeing the injury, Dynamo Theory won't be embedding the image but the very graphic photos can be seen courtesy of Goal Mexico on Twitter.

Garrido is one of several players that the Dynamo are determining whether or not to exercise contract options on during the offseason. Two weeks ago, as members of the Dynamo front office and coaching staff talked to assembled media, there was indication that Garrido's contract could be picked up though it is unclear if and how the injury might affect that process.

Stay tuned to Dynamo Theory as additional news surfaces.

UPDATE [6:40PM]: According to Honduran news site La Prensa, doctors confirmed Garrido tore his ACL and PCL ligaments in his knee and could be out up to a year for recovery and rehabilitation.

Ed. Note 11/20/2015 - We've spoken with an orthopedic surgeon to get more insight on Garrido's injury and the long recovery ahead. Follow this link to read more.