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Brad Davis rumored to be traded to Kansas City

Dynamo midfielder might be heading to rival Kansas City.

Baby, don't go
Baby, don't go
Trask Smith

Jesus Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle is reporting that Dynamo midfielder Brad Davis could be traded to Sporting Kansas City. The article on the Houston Chronicle website says that MLS officials are saying that Davis is going to be traded this offseason. A move to Kansas City would see the native of St. Charles, MO at little closer to his hometown.

The article also discusses the talk of Houston shopping Cubo Torres to other teams but in reference to Davis' potential move it is says:

Multiple Major League Soccer officials have told the Chronicle that U.S. national team midfielder Brad Davis, the Dynamo captain, will be traded this winter, likely to Sporting Kansas City. Canetti acknowledged hearing those rumors as well, but he denies a deal is in place.

"That's putting the cart before the horse," Canetti said.

Brad "Left Foot of Glory" Davis has been with the team since it moved to Houston in 2006. The team captian scored four goal and had nine assist in the 2015 season. He is a 6-time MLS All Star and the Dynamo all-time leader in assists. Davis played for the US Men's National team during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Beloved by fans the only thing harder than losing Davis is the knowledge that he would be going to rival Kansas City.