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(Both) McLeods head to Sweden

Goalkeeper Erin McLeod confirms move to Sweden; will not return to Dash for 2016 season.

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

After confirmation of Ella Masar's departure from the Dash, many were left wondering the state of Houston's goalkeeper (and Masar's wife) Erin McLeod. In an article with the Vancouver Sun, McLeod addressed those questions Friday. The answer, however, should surprise few.

It seems the duo will head to Sweden in the Spring to join a yet-to-be-named team. (The season starts in March, so fans will have plenty of time to get ready to wake up at ungodly hours to find streams online to watch the game.) Masar was placed on waivers by the Dash in hopes no NWSL team would pick her up, while McLeod asked Houston to allow her out of her contract.

Canada will enter residency camp later this month in preparation for the Four Nations Cup (which they won last year) in December. McLeod did not play in last year's tournament due to injury.

In the interview McLeod also talks about her new fashion line and what the pair have been up to since the Dash's season ended.