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Tyler Deric Training with West Ham United

Tyler Deric is training with West Ham United, but is this just an innocent training session?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after inking his new contract, Houston Dynamo Goalkeeper Tyler Deric has crossed the pond to train with English Premier League side West Ham United. Deric recently tweeted out that he enjoyed his time with the Hammers and he thanked the players and staff for making him feel welcome.

This comes after a rumor originating from UK tabloid publisher the Sun reported that West Ham was open to signing Deric despite him inking a new contract with the Dynamo. There hasn't been much discussion about him transferring to the English Premier League so far, but many players have trained abroad during the offseason in order to keep in shape. Most notably Landon Donovan's loan spells to Premier League side Everton.

We'll keep you posted on any other developments - if there is anything to report that is.