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The Houston Dynamo Pass in First Leg of 2015 MLS Re-Entry Draft

The Dynamo opted to not select any players available from the 1st stage of the 2015 MLS Re-Entry Draft

There's a new enemy in Frisco
There's a new enemy in Frisco
Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Dynamo haven't had a quiet offseason as they've re-signed a few key players and have traded for the attacking talents of Andrew Wenger and Cristian Maidana, but have remained quiet during the Waiver Draft that took place earlier this week and the 1st leg of the Re-Entry draft. Yes, the Dynamo continued (along with most teams) a strong tradition by saying "PASS" for these kinds of drafts.

Only two clubs opted to make a move. Texas rival FC Dallas traded allocation money to get from their 17th spot to the Chicago Fire's top spot in order to acquire former Portland Timbers forward Maximiliano Urruti. The other club active in this draft was Sporting Kansas City who drafted Chicago goalkeeper Alec Kann.

The Dynamo rarely draft players in the Re-Entry draft, though last year they were able to pick up Chandler Hoffman and Nathan Sturgis in the 2nd stage of the draft. There are still some serviceable players available and by holding out until the 2nd stage, which begins Thursday December 17th, the Dynamo could negotiate a player's salary.