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Happy Birthday Houston Dynamo!

The Houston Dynamo officially turn ten.

Morne de Klerk/Getty Images

Today is the ten year anniversary of the announcement that the San Jose Earthquakes would be moving to Houston.

After being unable to find a suitable  stadium situation in San Jose the Earthquakes moved East and became the Houston Dynamo. Robertson Stadium became the home of the new club as players and staff made the move to Houston. Since then the club has built their own orange hued stadium, BBVA Compass Stadium, put together a top notch Academy program, and oh yeah started a women's team, the Houston Dash. Speaking of the Dash, they celebrated the two year anniversary of the announcement of their club forming over the past weekend.

Houston provided early success for the club who have won two MLS Cups (2006 and 2007) and made several Final appearances since the move. The team entered the league as part of the Western Conference, but was moved to the Eastern Conference in 2011. They didn't stay there for long as in 2015 they were moved back to the Western Conference.

If you want to want to hear about the move from the guys who made it you can check out our Oral History of the Houston Dynamo series.