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Proposed Dynamo Sale Approved by Houston Sports Authority

The Houston Dynamo received approval from the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority for the proposed change in ownership.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As previously reported the Houston Dynamo, led by co-owner Gabriel Brener, seek to end their ownership under AEG with Brener set to become the majority owner. Currently, boxing great Oscar de la Hoya owns 25% of the club with Brener owning another 25% and AEG controlling the majority with 50%. Brener looks to buy out AEG's portion with Houstonian Ben Guill, a managing partner at White Deer Energy and investor Jake Silverstein.

In order for any traction on a deal to take place, the proposed change in ownership must be approved by the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority. Kenny Friedman, the Houston Sports Authority Chairman, told Fox 26's Mark Berman that they had approved the sale of AEG's portion of the club.

Dynamo President Chris Canetti told the Sports Authority that, "what just happened is that an important step in the process of transfer of ownership took place, and the Sports Authority giving consent for the ownership change to take place, should in fact that happen over the next few weeks".

The sale of the AEG's portion of the Houston Dynamo (which includes the Dash) is not a done deal yet, but an important step, as Canetti said, has taken place. With approval from the Sports Authority Gabriel Brenner is closer to his goal of becoming a majority owner.