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Top Articles on Dynamo Theory: 2015 Edition, 6-10

We checked the number and then checked them again and gather the top ten articles that ran on Dynamo Theory in 2015. Tuesday, we will be revealing 6-10 with the rest revealed later in the week.

Trask Smith

10. Possible Kit leak?

Who doesn't love a good kit leak? Clearly, everyone does and in the end it proved to be the new kit in 2015 for the Houston Dynamo.

9. NWSL looks to break attendance trend set by failed leagues

It hasn't been a smooth or successful run for women's soccer in America. While the USWNT has been a success a domestic league hasn't been able to take hold. All the leagues prior to the NWSL were hit with declining attendance and didn't make it past a few years. NWSL had to break that trend if they wanted to stay afloat for another year.

8. Canetti on Erick Torres: "We have been working diligently"

Justin Jerkins spoke with Dynamo president Chris Canetti during the Torres sexual assault allegations. Canetti revealed that the team was working hard to get Torres to Houston.

Eventually, Torres was cleared of the allegations and able to join Houston.

7. Ella Masar: Heart and Soul of the Houston Dash

The title really said it all. In her time with Houston Masar has become the heart and soul of the Dash and even the NWSL. A player who is loved in and out of the locker room the Dash will be missing a huge piece of their heart next season.

6. Carli Lloyd and the cockroaches

Following the 2015 Women's World Cup, Carli Lloyd was the player on everyone's minds including cockroaches. Dash teammate Ella Masar sent out a Snapchat with Lloyd talking about her cockroach encounters since coming to Houston. From there it jumped to Twitter and fans from Washington got in on the fun coming to the Dash's game against the Spirit with cockroach signs.