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Top Articles on Dynamo Theory: 2015 Edition, 1-5

We checked the number and then checked them again and gather the top ten articles that ran on Dynamo Theory in 2015. Today we reveal 1-5.

Trask Smith

Earlier this week we revealed #6-10, if you missed it you can check them out here. Now on to the top five!

5. 2015 Women's World Cup Drinking Game

If you stuck completely to the rules then chances were that you were going to end up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

4. Luis Garrido suffers horrific leg break against Mexico

If you haven't seen Luis Garrido's leg break then you might be the only person on the planet who hasn't seen it. Garrido suffered extensive leg damage when his leg was pinned under Mexican midfielder Javier Aquino. Justin followed the initial news up by talking with Dr. Robert Marx about the injury.

Houston would later decline his option during the off-season.

3. Mark Geiger gifts Mexico a Gold Cup Final

Knowing the name of the person refereeing a game is generally a bad sign and thanks to atrocious refereeing in the Gold Cup Semifinals everyone knew Mark Geiger's name (not that you didn't already). A red card, yellow cards galore and two controversial penalties sent Mexico to the Gold Cup Final.

Mexico went on to win the Gold Cup, but they have Mark Geiger to thank.

2. Erick Torres accused of sexual assault

The sexual assault allegations against Cubo Torres was easily our least favorite story to cover this year. While in Mexico, Torres was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a party. After investigation by both authorities and MLS, Torres was cleared and joined the Houston Dynamo during the Transfer Window.

1. Ella Masar & Erin McLeod Marry: Continue to Make Impact On & Off the Pitch

Leave it to Ella Masar and Erin McLeod to have our top story of the year. After Canada was knocked out of the Women's World Cup, Houston Dash teammates Masar and McLeod married. However, it wasn't just about a couple getting married it was about so much more as they continued to inspire a whole community with their marriage and love for each other.