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Cristian Maidana may be headed to Houston

Dynamo rumored to be signing Cristian Maidana.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Dynamo rumor mill

The best (or worst depending on how you look at it) time of the year is upon us. With the Timbers winning the MLS Cup on Sunday the MLS offseason is now totally under way which means it's time for rumors to come out of the woodwork.

The big one bouncing around Twitter right now is Cristian Maidana to Houston. Kevin Kinkead has been tweeting up a storm about this one and Darrell Lovell has tweeted our he has heard similarly. Lovell followed it up saying that the trade could be announced as early as this week, possibly even Monday.

The potentially big news from Lovell is that Cubo is not on the move.

USWNT cancel history game in Hawaii

Sunday the USWNT cancelled what was to be their first ever game in Hawaii. Megan Rapinoe tore her ACL earlier in the week during practice and players were unhappy about the conditions of the field. In fact, players were planning on boycotting the game had it not been cancelled according to several reports.

Carli Lloyd spoke to the Star Advertiser about the conditions of the field.

Sunday evening when the game was supposed to be underway the USWNT players all posted an article they write on The Players' Tribune. In what was a letter to the fan the players turned the conversation to one purely of turf vs grass to one of safety concerns. Pointing out that (to their knowledge) US Soccer failed to properly inspect the field ahead of the game as they typically do.

The conditions were such that our coach shortened practice to a brief 30-minute training session so we wouldn't risk injury before the game. There were sharp rocks ingrained all over the field. They were everywhere. The artificial turf was actually pulling up out of the ground, and the turf itself was both low-grade and aging. This was a playing surface that looked like it hadn't been replaced in years.

Not exactly the playing surface that you want the winner's of the Women's World Cup to be playing on.

Crew fan wins the Final

Her team may have lost the final game but this Crew fan totally won the day when she flipped off the camera during Don Garber's speech while he award the Cup to the Timbers.